Shamanic clearing protocol


Daily shamanic clearing and protection protocol

7 days of being part of a group shamanic clearing of shadow energies and a protection protocol. It will include the ascension of spirits in your dreaming field (dreaming field is made up of all those you are connected to and who you will connect with in the day ahead), dissolving shadow energies and intrusions, closing openings in the dreaming field and infusing with positive energies, dissolving spells and curses, and putting strong protection into each person’s dreaming field.

Extra attention given to those who Archangel Raphael alerts Jabeen’s attention to whilst doing the protocol, i.e. those who may be experiencing problems in certain areas, e.g. with negative spirits, or lots of shadow energies around them.

The cost for this is £15. For those who join, it will be daily from Sunday to the following Saturday.

The protocol is done remotely – it is not a live group, and there is no feedback afterwards. The focus is on doing the clearing and protection work, rather than looking at what is going on in someone’s dreaming field and giving feedback.

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The clearings run from Sunday to Saturday.

If joining for this week in the middle of the week, you are agreeing to only joining for the remaining days.

During the period of being worked on with the protocol please set the intention to let go of any energies that no longer serve you. Sometimes darker shadow energies in your life can become very familiar and you may even on some level believe them to be good, which can create resistance as you are being cleared.

On rare occasions the protocol may cause tiredness. This could be because once the darker energies have cleared around you, your body may go into detox, and the darker energies from the outside that have got inside the organs and other parts start to detox. This should be temporary, the body will eventually clear, and it may be important to support the body to do this, e.g. time in nature, detoxing herbs and homeopathic remedies, drinking plenty of water, movement that clears the body, sounding, and for some people perhaps consulting a healer who can help clear the body of darker energy and seal holes that have allowed these energies in.