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For £34 Archangel Raphael will give a message about the highest vision of your life in this incarnation, and talk about your spiritual signature in this life, i.e. what you are embodying on a soul level.

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Bespoke Healing Retreats

We introduce Bespoke Healing Retreats – specially curated retreats for individuals who would like to experience direct support in person with Jabeen & Archangel Raphael, plus optional other practitioners with various modalities to further anchor and integrate healing and clearings with his overview and support.

Based in Glastonbury, England. We can also include visits to the sacred sites of Avalon, including the White Spring, the Tor, Chalice Well, The Magdalene Chapel and more as part of your retreat.

Mission statement

Jabeen is personally committed to help people through her work with Archangel Raphael and other higher beings to do the following:

  • To create an internal infrastructure of wellness and resilience that is able to withstand and avert all manipulation, negative external interference, false light agendas, gaslighting and shadow energy projections and maintain focus on one’s own highest path and purpose and inner being aspirations and desires.
  • To create deep consistent connection to the light within
  • To help repair damage due to negative life experiences, and to support and encourage people on their souls journeys to wholeness and in completing their purpose.