Shamanic Clearing Protocol Subscription

£80.00 on the 1st of each month

Daily shamanic clearing and protection protocol

Subscribe to be part of a group shamanic clearing of shadow energies and a protection protocol on an ongoing basis. It will include the ascension of spirits in your dreaming field (dreaming field is made up of all those you are connected to and who you will connect with in the day ahead), dissolving shadow energies and intrusions, closing openings in the dreaming field and infusing with positive energies, dissolving spells and curses, and putting strong protection into each person’s dreaming field.

Please purchase a separate protocol for each person joining.

The protocol is done remotely – it is not a live group, and there is no feedback afterwards. The focus is on doing the clearing and protection work, rather than looking at what is going on in someone’s dreaming field and giving feedback.

Optional donation

First payment prorated. Next payment: 1 August 2024