Fundraiser to help starving displaced people in Gaza

For £34 Archangel Raphael will give a message about the highest vision of your life in this incarnation, and talk about your spiritual signature in this life, i.e. what you are embodying on a soul level.

The situation in Gaza is dire. It is a 25-mile strip of land and more bombs have been dropped on it since October 7th than all the bombs together in World War 2. Aid is being blocked from entering, illegal white phosphorus bombs are being used to bomb people. Close to 40,000 people have died; however, these numbers are only those who have been found and identified – many more are lost under the rubble, and there is no machinery to retrieve them. 3 bus loads of children have been killed daily. Children are having limbs amputated daily with no anaesthesia, and are starving to death. 19,000 children are orphaned, some are totally on their own, with no adult accompanying them.

This has been ongoing for eight months now, we haven’t been able to stop this yet, but at least in the meantime people can be helped by sending donations for them to have essential supplies and be fed. People have lost everything. Please pray for the people of Gaza – those who choose to support this fundraiser by sending money, it is deeply appreciated. I send the money as soon as I receive it and am guided by Archangel Raphael where to send it so it may have the maximum benefit.

Click on the button above and send a donation for £34. I will send you the audio message to the specified email address.
All money will go to help hungry and displaced people in Gaza. I will distribute all the money I receive to various grassroots projects.